Mofid Glass Factory

Mofid glass (non public company) with more than 20 years of experience is now among the top manufactures of hollow ware and jar bottles used in the pharmaceutical, food and drink industries.
The factory is equipped and modernized to meet the latest technology of the day for providing a large part of the country’s food and pharmaceutical industries.
The factory has two melting furnaces with 5 production lines.
The pulling rate of the furnaces is 300 tons and is producing about one and half million of different glassware products for the use of market per day.
The company is trying to use a high quality of raw materials with the precise control of the production process.
This factory also tries to optimize the quality of its products as well as compliance with international standards for access to the global market especially for European contraries.
Products :     pharmaceutical glasses: (injectable-dropper –syrup) ,
Food industrial :     jar and  filling bottles